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About Sarah

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Sarah Warner MSc MBPsyS

Brainbuzzz Neurodevelopment Therapist and

Performance & Mental Strength Coach


Sarah's passion is helping people reach their potential and keep mentally well.


As a Brainbuzzz therapist, Sarah helps children, teens and adults overcome neurodevelopmental delay issues that may have held them back socially and in their learning/working environments.  


As a performance & mental strength coach, Sarah helps people navigate through decisions and change, preventing stress.


More effective performers can then survive and thrive, protecting their mental health and fulfilling their potential.


Sarah worked for 18 years in the Defence, Aerospace & Security industry helping leaders and managers win business.  Having gained a Masters in Organisational Psychology, Sarah founded Pelican Changing Minds as a workplace-orientated coaching practice; it has now developed as a "two-winged" therapy/coaching practice, with clinics in three locations in Essex and Hertfordshire.


Outside of work, Sarah enjoys countryside walks and is learning to play the piano - you're never too old to learn!